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Though this earth gives birth to lakhs of people every day, but only a few are such who not only make a place in the pages of history for themselves but also rule the hearts and minds of generations. Haji Abdul Shacoor Ahmed Sait is one such personality. He was a Bangalore based Business man & a philanthropist. He has given a gift in the form of Union, so he would be remembered as long as the union remains. His virtues can never be forgotten. It was a lucky day and lucky moment when a man noticed the bad condition of the Jamaath and with farsightedness decided to establish a Union for Cutchi Memon's and handed over its reigns to the youth. Probably this man had rightly guessed that it is only the youth who can put the sinking boat in order.

Then under the able guidance of this iron man Haji Abdul Shacoor Ahmed Sait, a few youths established the association in his building, i.e, "Shacoor Building" situated on Central Street, Shivajinagar, Bangalore-1 and thus Cutchi Memon Union came into existence in the year 1933. Its establishment and progress is due to his sincere efforts.

May Allah give him due place in Jannah & may his soul rest in peace.


It was with the great efforts & under the guidance of Mr. Haji Abdul Shacoor Ahmed Sait, Cutchi Memon Union was started in “Shacoor Building” during 1933. It was at the same place for nearly 2 years. Later the Union had shifted from Shacoor Building to a small room in Juma Masjid. The first President of the Union Late was Mr. Haji Muhammed Haji Siddiq Sait.

The goals of the union were “service and selflessness”.

Mr. Haji Abdul Shacoor Ahmed Sait did everything possible in this regard and encouraged the youth in the formation of Cutchi Memon Union. The number of these young members at that time was 15. To run the Union they neither had any necessary things nor the facilities like furniture etc. When some amount was collected, the union was again shifted from Jumma Masjid to the residence of late Mr. Zakariah Abdur Raheem Sait at Hospital Road cross. A small room was taken there on rent. Thus the union started working from there. With time they progressed and it was found that even that place was not sufficient. So a place at Cavalry Road cross was taken at a rent of Rs. 13/- per month. (This building was the property of Late Mr. Ibrahim Ishaq, Brown Shop). After sometime this place too was not enough and the office was shifted to Coronation Buildings (Fazal and Son’s) upper floor. By that time, the Union had started walking on the path of success. By the passing of time its work field expanded.

Every Sunday there were speeches, debates, social gatherings. Members use to take part in all. Every month or once in two months, night mushairas also were held which were received well by one and all. Members took part in games like billiards, table tennis, chess, carrom, Draft etc. Tournaments of these games too were conducted. The winners were given cups, shields etc. It looked like spring had arrived in the Union. Moreover a library was also started during 1945, which consisted good literary, poetic and religious books.

A Few years Later the Managing Committee of the C.M.U. felt the need to have there own building and it was decided a place should be acquired on ownership. There was not enough capital to act upon this. The office bearers were still in dilemma when an active member Late Mr. Hamid Haji Yusuf Sait took a bold stop. He told the members that the union must have its own building at any cost. Unless and until it has its own building no institution could survive. At the same time a place on was for sale at Main Guard Cross Road and the rate was fixed at Rs. 23,000-00. It was owned by one of our Memon brother Ali Muhammed Haji Ishaq @ Mitha Qasim Sait.At his time the Union did not have such a big amount. He asked Rs. 3,000/- as advance. Here again late Mr. Hamid Haji Yusuf Sait helped a lot. He mortgaged his property documents and arranged Rs. 3,000/- to be given to the owners, as advance. We can never forget this gesture of his and we are indebted to him for this noble act.

In 1945 The Managing committee members on their own expenses collected funds from Cutchi Memons from various parts of the country and the premises was registered. In June 1947, foundation stone was laid by late Mr. Khan Saheb Abdul Sattar Abdul Qadir, Secunderabad and the construction work commenced. Plan was prepared by Gajendra Raju,who was the architect and contractor Dharmappa was assigned the construction work. A sum of Rs. 10,000 were taken from Cutchi Memon Jamath & Rs. 10,000/- more were taken from Cutchi Memon Educational Trust as a loan. Both these institutions helped the C.M.U. to complete the construction work. And the same was completed 1948. The building was inaugurated by late Mr. Haji Saleh Muhammed Ahmed. Therefore the activities of the union started in this new building.

We Should not forget the contribution of Mrs. Who gifted her property situated on Despencery Road cross to the C.M.U. This property was sold in the year and the proceedings of this were utilized to Demolish the old C.M.U. Building and construct the New C.M.U Building on the C.M.U. land at Main Guard Cross Road.

Thus, the seedling which was sowed by late Mr. Haji Abdul Shacoor Ahmed has now developed into a huge tree, under the shade of which members of Cutchi Memon community are taking rest and benefiting from it.

CMU Building OLD /New Building / Shacoor Building Old / Haji Abdul Shacoor Ahmed Sait / Late Mr. Haji Muhammed Haji Siddiq Sait (1st President).


(C M B C)

(1939 – 1964)

At the time when the Cutchi Memon Union was formed There was another Youth activity club formed In 1939 the “Cutchi Memon Boys Club” (C M B C) was formed Under the able guidance of Mr. Yahya Noor Muhammed which was accepted by one and all. Then President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and other Managing Committee members were appointed.

Hence it was in 1939 that Cutchi Memon boys club was established. The under mentioned members were nominated.

1)  President:  Mr. Abdu Razaq Haji Abdul Sattar Gul Muhammed
2)  Vice President:  Mr. Noor Muhammed Gul Muhammed
3)  Secretary:  Mr. Noor Muhammed Adam
4)  Joint Secretary:  Mr. Ali Muhammed Haji Abdus Sattar RJ
5)  Treasurer:  Mr. Oriff Saleh Ahmed
6)  Auditor:  Mr. Abdul Kareem Ahmed

Members of the Managing Committee:

1)  Mr. Jan Muhammed Sattar
2)  Mr. Yaqoob Ibrahim
3)  Mr. Jaffer Sattar Gul Muhammed
4)  Mr. Ali Muhammed Fazil
5)  Mr. Hashim Wahid
6)  Mr. Abdul Shukoor Dada Gul Muhammed

Under the able guidance of Mr. Yahya Noor Muhammed, we started the Boys Club’s was started with enthusiasm. Social activities too were started and for the interest of the members, indoor games like chess, draft, carom, educational cards game etc. were introduced. Members used to come every evening and take part in these activities. One such example is that within a year we started sports in a great way. Competitions were held in RBANMS school ground. These events were same as in schools and colleges and more sports items were included. A Shamiyana and colourful decorations were installed. Medals, cups and shields were given to the winners. Some of our elders were invited to preside over the sports functions.

Due to some improper working conditions & unavoidable circumstances Mr. Easa Sattar Sait suggested in 1951 that the Boys Blub should be closed which was approved. In 1958, on the advise of Mr. Easa Sattar Sait, the Boys Club was revived again. But in spite of all efforts closed in 1964.

Boys Club

Haji Abdul Shacoor Ahmed Sait

Haji Abdul Shacoor Ahmed Sait

Mr. Yahya Noor Muhammed

Mr. Yahya Noor Muhammed

Mr. Easa Sattar Sait

Mr. Easa Sattar Sait