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President's Message

Asalamalaikum Wa Rahamathullah he Wa Baraka Tuhu,

Wa Nahmaduhu Wa Nusalli Ala RasoolihiL Kareem, Amma Baad, Ouzbilla Hi Minashaitan Nirajeem, Bismillah Hirrahman Nirahim,

Respected Vice President Mr.Hashim Moosa,
Hon Seceratary Mr.Shabir Ahmed,
Assistant Secretary Mr.Asim Omer,
Treasurer Mr Mahmood Jaffer,
Auditor Mr Masood Kareem
And my colleagues on the board
Mr.Saleem Saleh Mohammed,
Mr.Riaz Ahmed,
Mr.Iyaz Adam,
Elders, Brothers, Sisters and members of the Cutchi Memon Union.

Owing to the demise of Mrs. Abdul Khader Jan Mohamed we have postponed the AGM and award function as a mark of respect for the departed soul and pray to Allah Subhanatallah for her and all those who have passed away including our Past President, Mr Noor Mohammed Adam. May Allah grant them Maghfirat and a place in Janath Ul Firdose. Ameen

We regret any inconvenience caused by this postponement.

It has been a good eventful year for all of us. At this annual general meeting, I share a few interesting developments with you. It is time to highlight the events we have had through the year.

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that this year, more than 100 new members have joined the CMU. I take this opportunity to welcome them to the association warmly. We look forward to their participation in all our affairs.

The inaugural issue of the newsletter, The Cutchi Memon Diaries, was launched in August 2011. It has been widely appreciated and we have received encouraging feedback from all quarters, appreciating the work of the entire managing committee. My special thanks to Mr Nadeem Ahmed who has helped us with the inaugural issue.

We have also received plenty of suggestions which we have taken serious note of. We have launched a very interactive website of the CMU, i request you all to visit it and would love to have your feedback. Our young members, Tanveer Shabbir, Abrar Yusuf, Ali Zafar and Wasil Imran have worked very hard on creating the website.

56 members of our community have benefitted from the commercial interest-free loan scheme offered by the CMU. Entrepreneurs are a significant force in the community today. They not only eke out a living, they also create jobs for others. These loans therefore have a ripple effect with more people benefitting.

In another scheme, 64 families have been receiving financial assistance for their sustenance. Given the increased cost of living, we have hiked this monthly assistance to some who are finding it very difficult to sustain themselves with the amount. In this scheme, we have families receiving a monthly grant varying from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 per month. Some community members living in other cities are also getting a monthly grant of Rs 1,000 based on merit. Factors such as age, earning capacity, and medical needs were considered to arrive at the amount of grant. As a demonstration of our love and commitment, we have increased the benefit to senior citizens, widows and the needy.

CMU ladies conducted an interesting and inspiring evening with a talk by Ms Madhu Singhal on 'tough times don't last, tough people do'. We also had a soulful evening of milad. The highlight of the year has been the newsletter we launched.

The Ladies Wing of the CMU is now active. I invite more lady members to participate in our activities, Tazaiyun and her colleagues are here to help you become a part of this committee.

We have distributed awards to our meritorious students as a part of our calendar. I urge our members to encourage our youngsters to pursue their education and bring laurels to their families and the community.

I assure you, all this is just a beginning. We have many more plans on the agenda. We want to increase our activities and bring in more benefits to our deserving community members.

I must go on record to state that this managing committee has strived hard to make all this possible. We have amidst us a Philanthropist, Mr. Khalid Mahmood, who has been magnanimous to let us use his premises on Mosque road free of cost for the CMU activities.

We can conduct programs, create a gymnasium or have engagement functions. All this depends on your participation. This facility is available to us till the completion of the Jamath Khana.

This report will not be complete without me thanking the earlier committees and the founder members who strived hard and even used their personal resources to acquire the Main Guard Cross Road property. Income from this property is helping us fund our programmes, land on Hennur Road has also been acquired by the earlier committee to meet the objectives of the CMU, and we will proceed to develop it after we have fulfilled our commitment to the Cutchi Memon Jamath. It will be developed after the construction of the Hajee Saleh Mohamed Ahmed Sait Cutchi Memon Jamath Khana.

We propose to build houses, a community centre, and a school on the Hennur Road land. This, however, is subject to the approval of the general body.

It gives me great pleasure to announce here that we have so far contributed over Rs 6 crores to the Cutchi Memon Jamath from the income generated by the Main Guard Cross Road property, and we are committed to give another Rs 6 crores over the years.

This meeting will not be complete without me remembering the services of my colleagues on this committee. Mr Hashim Moosa, our Vice President and also the convener of today's function, has enriched the committee's programmes with his valuable suggestions. Mr Shabbir Ahmed our Honorary Secretary has lent a judicious touch to the functioning of the CMU. Mr Massod Kareem, our auditor and editor, has done a wonderful job in bringing out the Cutchi Memon Diaries, Mr Ayaz Adam has been a generous host and has never charged us a single rupee for his premises where we held the functions, Mr Mahmood Jaffer our senior most committee member has offered us invaluable advice, and meticulously maintained our books and letters, Mr Riyaz Ahmed has been very useful with his deep knowledge of legal procedures, Mr Saleem Saleh Mahmood Sait has contributed so much with his words of wisdom, Last but not the least, I thank Mr Asim Omer for being a gracious host for our board meetings.

We remember, in a special way, our former President,Late Mr Noor Mohamed Adam for his invaluable dedication to the welfare of our community.

Once again, I thank you for your support and wish you all the very best. Allah Hafiz.

Farook Mahmood



Welcome to Cutchi Memon Union (C.M.U.) Established in 1933 and Registered under the Society Registration Act in 1940 it was started by Mr. Haji Abdul Shacoor Ahmed Sait (Founder), & The First President of the Union was Late Haji Muhammed Haji Siddiq Sait. The Main Objective & Goals of the C.M.U. is 'Service and Sacrifice' The CMU has always worked for the good of the community in every possible way by providing Doles to its members who are deeply in need of it. The CMU provides a platform for the Memon community to engage themselves in various activities like social as well as extracurricular activities which are both challenging & enjoyable for the Youth & for the Elderly. Members can take part in activities like Elocution, Quiz Competition etc and make use of Indoor activities like Billiards, Table Tennis, Chess, Carroms, Badminton, Draft, etc.

C.M.U. is in the process of providing its members a well equipped Club House with Latest amenities/facilities soon.

The Cutchi Memon Union is 78 years old.The torch of Tradition has been passed on down the years. The years have added to its heritage.

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